Know what is happening. Act with certainty.

Our expansive portfolio of cameras, access control, infrastructure and management software is combined with powerful, AI-enabled analytics to take your security team from passive observers to an active partner.

You will get unprecedented visual detail so you know what's happening and can reveal new insights across your entire operation.

Investigations that once took hours or days, can now take minutes. Critical events can be flagged, before they become threats. Action can be taken, so incidents don't become tragedies.

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Unusual Activity Detection

Advanced AI technology that highlights the unanticipated by automatically flagging unusual activity of people and vehicles

Facial Recognition

AI-powered facial recognition technology from Avigilon helps commercial organizations accelerate response times by identifying people of interest

Streaming Body Cameras

Integrated with fixed video systems for alerting security officers and keeping employees safe

Incident Management

Ally integration with Avigilon Control Center and MOTOTRBO radios allows for efficient management of incidents in one streamlined workflow

H5 Camera Platform

Expansion of the H5 platform with a cost-effective outdoor dome for external projects and explosion-protected cameras for hazardous environments

Video and Access Control

Advanced video management software unified with access control offers an end-to-end, seamless solution to protect facilities

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